Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Empolyment , Homeland And Surnames ~ Part 6

They found worked on farms. And lived in Forest Green Missouri area.
They kept their own names. White And Blakey
 More clues and a mystery. 

They were employed and made their homes in Forest Green, MO.
Where did they work? As farmer or as farm hands?

What names did each family member take?
The mother in this article was unknown.
But later I came across her name in 1989.

What names did each one take?
The mother, WHITE
Spencer WHITE

It appears that Isaac was the only one in his group that took the surname of BLAKEY. Don't know why Isaac kept the BLAKEY surname. Perhaps he was with the BLAKEYs for a long time. They may have helped him to his freedom. Two of the former slave owners gave affidavit of who Isaac was. Isaac applied for his pension records in 1890's.

Also for the mother, Did she have other children? Yes. She had about 12 or 13 children. Some of the children may have passed away before the turn of the century. Some of the family members may not have know about them.

The article states that Matt WHITE never married. As I searched for Mattie White, I came up with her as a widow with about 5 children. I don't know how this information got lost.

The big mystery to this part of the article: Who was the great grand mother? Was the writer in this article speaking of Ted Blakey's great grand mother? The mother of the slaves  or the mother's husband's mother?

The mother was believe to have passed away and was buried in Forest Green, MO. Most those who passed away in this family were buried in Forest Green, MO and area.
There are some descendants who still live in the Forest Green Area.

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