Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Isaac Blakey Reunites With Family ~ Part 5

Here are some more clues: Some time after Isaac was discharged from the army, he started to look for his family. Wonder how long it took him to find them? Note: Isaac was wounded in the War.

Isaac didn't know where his family was... But found out that they were shipped MS. Isaac had to have had some connections to where the where a bout of his family. Perhaps the info was from his former slave owners.

Isaac did located his family easily because he was familiar with the area where his family was. The article mentions the names of Isaac's other siblings. Spencer, Dick and sister, Matt.. 

The article states that Isaac's siblings were shipped to Natchez, MS. I wondered if they were ever in MO? Also if this Spencer, Dick and sister, Matt White were other relatives on the other generation? It was just a thought. However, Isaac did have siblings named Spencer, Dick and Matty White.

As for Isaac Blakey, he was born in Roanoak , Fayette or Shannondale Missouri between 1845 - 1847. The slave owner, John BLAKEY passed away in 1844. Most of the slaves where born after John BLAKEY passed.

John's widow, Frances (WHITE) BLAKEY and her children were the slave owners to Isaac, his mother and her children. The father of the slaves weren't mentioned in the article. I wonder why? Nor was the name of the mother.

 As for Spencer, Dick and Matty, they choose the WHITE surname. According to this article, John carried the BLAKEY surname. But through searching, John carried the WHITE surname.

Isaac somehow convinced the family to move back to MO. I think that other relatives may have been there. Why would some one what to move back to the area where they were once held captive as slaves? I think that there was some family connections in Chariton and Howard County Missouri area.
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