Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some 2012 Happenings And Milestones

It's been an exciting 2012; searching for family history. I came across a lot of new information. I've been trying to piece together my discoveries.

Here are some special milestones, births, passing in 2012.
Family Connections

Jan 30, 2012
Margaret Ann (FLOYD) BLAKLEY passing

Feb 12, 2012
Daniel BLAKEY  passing
Find A Grave

LYLE Connections

March 22, 2012
James LIGHTNER Jr. passing
Find A Grave Memorial

Heard of a BARTLETT Connections passing.
Couldn't verify


June 5, 2012
Daniel "T. K." BLAKEY passing, son of Isaac and Arlee
In Memory Page
Find A Grave Memorial

June 7. 2012
Doris BLAKEY IVORY passing
Find A Grave Memorial

July 22, 2012
Betty Marie LANKFORD WESTON passing
Obituary Newspaper
Find A Grave Memorial

Aug 9, 2012  Birth CARDDOCK BLAKLEY Connections
Sept 5, 2012 Birth CRADDOCK/BLAKLEY Connections

Olbrey Pierson BLAKLEY was born September 17, 1912
Marks 100th Year of his birthday
Oct 29, 2012
Gladys LANKFORD passing
Find A Grave Memorial



These are just a few of what I've heard about. I believe that there were more. I came across relatives who passed away 2004 - 2011. I found some obituaries, tombstones and funeral info.  I add more names to the family tree.

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