Friday, January 18, 2013

The Arrival And Names Taken ~ Article Part 3

The next three sentences
When they arrived in New Orleans, the slaves were sold at slave auctions and given a bill of sale.
The slaves were given the slave master's name.

The two oldest brothers, Isaac 12 and John 10 sold to a man by the name of BLAKEY.
He took them to Forest Green, Missouri.

Here were some more clues. There should have been a record of the bill of sale for these slaves. I don't know if the records still exist. So we can figure out about what year Isaac and John were born. I assume that the year was 1843 when the slaves were sold. Here's the math.

1843 - 12 = 1831 the year about when Isaac was born
1843 - 10 = 1833 the year about when John as born

Assuming that the year was 1843, the years don't match up with the John or Isaac BLAKEY. There may have been another generation with a mother and her 5 children. According to this article Isaac was the oldest. As I searched on I found out that Isaac had older siblings. Isaac was born about 1845 - 1847. John was born about 1858.

There was a slave owner named BLAKEY. I search for the slave owners. They moved to Missouri about 1835 from Virginia. The slave owners did live in Forest Green, Missouri. Chariton and Howard County Missouri Area.

As I searched more, I came across more leads. Those leads led to more questions. I was surprised by what I stumbled across. Oh, I wouldn't have though of this. The question to the mystery began to unfold.

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