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A Brief History: Part 4 ~ The Lankford / Lankfard Children

A Brief History: The LANKFORD / LANKFARD Family Connections

Robert  Louis and Charlotta had about 10 or 11 children.
Here's the list of their children and some grandchildren.

Mr. James "Jim" Andrew LANKFORD
(1874- 1957) 
James was born on October 26, 1874 in Monticello, Missouri.
His year or birth was either 1873 or 1874.

 James worked as a Laborer, Grader and Concrete Mason.
He was self employed.
James married Sarah "Sallie" J.  ?
They had no children.

James passed on July 31, 1957 in St. Joseph, Missouri
James and Sarah were buried in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.
 Miss Jennie LANKFORD

No Photo

Born about 1873 in Missouri.
Died before 1900 in Missouri.
It could be that the census taker wrote down Jennie instead of Jimmie.
James Lankford wasn't listed on the 1880 census with family.

Mrs. William E. MADISON Sr.

Mrs. Lula Mae Russell (Lankford) MADISON
(1875 1961) 
Lula was born on October 11, 1875 in Canton, Missouri.
Lula married William Emmanuel MADISON on May 27, 1896 in St. Joseph, Mo.
Lula was a housewife.

Lula and William had about 8 children
Unknown Child, Louis, Joshua, Cleo, Charlottie, Robert, William Jr. and Lula MADISON.

 Lula Mae passed on Septeber 30, 1961 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Lula and William were buried in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Mr. Frederick  A. LANKFORD
 Mr. Frederick "Fred" A. LANKFORD
Fred was born on January 28, 1878 in Canton, Missouri.
Fred married Mollie B. WHITNEY on June 22, 1942 in Jackson County in Missouri.
They had no children.

Fred worked as a Laborer, did odd Jobs, Cook, Porter, An Attendant at R.R.
Fred was professional musician.
He was a "Tango Banjoist" in Denver, Colorado and New Mexico.
Where and when Fred passed is unknown
Perhaps in New York

 Mr. Louis Adward "Adward" LANKFORD
(1882 - 1967)
Louis was born on January 20, 1882 in Canton, Missouri.
Louis married Virginia / Virgie HILL in 1918
Louis had no children by Virgie.

Louis had a daughter by Leola PETERSON.
Thelma Rowena Lankford JACKSON.
Louis had a daughter and a son by Sarah Elizabeth WRIGHT.
Adlene H. Lankford and Charles "Puffy" Addison Lankford.

Louis worked as a Laborer, an Attendant at a R.R. Station in New York and a Porter.
"Ad" was a professional baseball player in the Negro League.

He played with the Kansas City Monarchs (1900's ? )
He played on the Occidentals in Salt Lake City, Utah 1910 -1912.

Louis "Ad" pitched for the following teams.
The New York Lincolns Stars in 1916 and 1918
The Brooklyn Royal Giants in 1917
The Penn Station Red Caps in 1917 - 1920

Louis "Add" had one professional fight as a boxer.
Louis passed in June of 1967 in New York.

(1884 - 1954)
Leo was born May 30, 1884 in Canton, Missouri.
Leo worked as a Teamster, Trucking and Hauling.
He was self employed.

Leo married Mary ALLEN on April 16, 1909
 in Savannah, Andrew County in Missouri.
Leo's surname on index was spelled LAUNFORD
Mary's maiden name spelled WALTERS

Leo and Mary had 11 children
4 sons and 7 daughter
Anna, Robert, Leola, Mary, Lula, Sarah, Addison, Leo Jr., Betty, Frederick, and Josephine Lankford

Leo Sr. passed on September 14, 1954 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Leo and Mary were buried in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Mrs. Christopher Columbus SMITH

Mrs. Anna Alice (Lankford) SMITH
(1885 - 196x)
Anna Alice was born about May of 1885 in Canton, Missouri.
Alice married Christopher Columbus SMITH on April 12, 1911 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Alice married with the name Miss Annie Alice Lankfard.

 Anna and Christopher had children
Anna Alice was a housewife.
Anna Alice passed on some time in the late 1960's in St. Joseph, Missouri.

The following children born in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Mr. Charles E. LANKFORD
Mr. Charles Edward LANKFORD  
Charles was born on January 4, 1890
Charles married  Meta M. (Hughes) Lankford
Meta was born on Dec 2, 1896 in Hiawatha Kansas.
She passed on April 24, 1931 in Kansas City Missouri.

Meta was listed as divorced. Her name was Meta BEARD.
She was the daughter of John and Laura (Bools) Hughes.
Found the marriage record of Meta Lankford to a Hanceford Beard.
This explains her death record.
Charles and Meta had a daughter.
Lelia Laura LANKFORD
a.k.a. Lelia Thompson Hill
(1914 - 1960)

Charles worked as a Laborer, did odd Jobs, House Cleaning, and a Teamster.
When or where Charles passed is unknown.
It was before 1954.
Perhaps in Kansas City.

Unnamed Female LANKFORD
May 10, 1893
St. Joseph, Missouri

Mr. Nymadula LANKFORD
 Mr. Nymadula "Nym" LANKFORD
Nym was born February 29, 1896
( Leap Day 1896)

Nym married Hattie McDaniel about 1918.
Nym was listed on 1920 with wife Nannie "Hattie" from Kansas.
Hattie was a singer / entertainer.
Nym and Hattie had no children together.

Nym was listed on 1930 census with wife, Irene ?
Nym married Irene about 1927.
Nym and Irene had a daughter.
Marjorie LANKFORD born about 1927
Marjorie passed on young in life.

Nym was married to a Gertrude "Gertie".
 She was a German.

Nym worked as a laborer.
R.R. Penn Station in New York; 1930

Story has it, Nym was a gambler.
When or where Nym passed is unknown.
I came across some info that Nym died after being in a shoot out.
Can't verify that.

Nym perhaps about 1960's in New York.
According to obituaries of Nym's siblings, Nym was living in 1961,

 Mrs. Ezekiel W. Nickerson

 Mrs. Isabella V. (Lankford) Nickerson
(1898 - 1938)
Isabella was born about September of 1898
Isabel married Ezekiel Watson NICKERSON on Aug 16, 1920.
Isabel was a housewife.

Isabel and Ezekiel lived in Denver, Colorado.
They had about 9 children.
Nathaniel / Nathan Welcom NICKERSON, Vivian V. (NICKERSON)  JAMES,
Lankford J. NICKERSON , 
Betina / Bettie (NICKERSON) MARONEY ,
 Robert Eugene NICKERSON, Doris Laverne (NICKERSON)  McCARTY DAVIS ,
Freddie NICKERSON, Un named twin of Freddie and Lydia / Leona NICKERSON.

Isabelle / Isabella passed on September 15, 1938
Due to complications of giving birth to twins.
One of the twins was buried with Isabella.
Funeral note on record: baby in same casket.

The younger Nickerson children moved to Fort Worth, Texas.
Their Aunt Ruth White cared for them. 

Unknown Lankfard child born after The 1900 census
This chid passed before the 1910

This child was born after the 1900 census was taken.
 Charlotta was about 46 in 1900.

The Mystery of Isaac Lankford Jr.

There has been so much new discoveries since...
I posted this original blog The Lankford / Lankfard Family on July 10, 2010.

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