Friday, July 10, 2015

Reflections On Researching Info On The Lankford / Lankfard Family Connections

7 of 11 Children of Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard

I can't recall when I began my search on my Lankford / Lankfard Family Connections. I know that in my early searching, I had a hard time finding things. My journey started out with what my parents told me. I worked from there.

My mother had some photos of her parents and relatives. I had some written info. It was enough to start searching. But, I didn't know where to start.

As the years came to past, I explored more. I would ask my parents questions. I went to the library. I searched city directions. I went page by page through birth and death records. Some of the material were't indexed.

There were times during my journey, I though that I couldn't find any more than what I had at that time. I couldn't go any further. So, I had to stop searching.

While I was on break, I began to receive information. I received some photos from my cousin, Gary Lankford.  He showed up at the door one day and handed my some photos. I was so thankful that Gary share them with me.

However, I still was at a stand still. I continue to ask relatives questions on the Lankford / Lankfard family connections. I did have some leads to follow. I kept searching.

It wasn't until the past five to eight years, I began to search more on my family history. In the last five years, I have come across more on my Lankford / Lankfard side than I thought I could. I'm amazed.

In  2014, I began to see some answers to some questions. I sought to find out things. I searched for all of Robert and Charlotta's children one by one.

Their children. James, Lula,  Frederick, Louis, Leo Anna, Charles,  Still born, Nym,   Isabella and discovered that there was another Lankford child. In the long run, I did make some progress. I'm happy that I stumbled across what I found. 

I searched all what I could. I found some online newspapers. I re read some of what I have discovered over the years for clues. I found some obituaries. This gave me more leads.

I have posted many blogs on my Lankford / Lankfard Family Connections.  I have more to post. There are some updates that I need to add. I still wonder. What will I find out next?

 I'm hoping that I will discover more on the Lankford / Lankfard Family Connections. It's interesting what I have so far. I believe that there is more. Someone has the pieces to our family mystery. May whosoever come forth. Hoping they can add to the family history and that others would add some too.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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