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A Piece Of History: My Family Connections: The Children Of Isaac Blakey: a.k.a Private Isaac BLAKER

I was going through the list of Isaac Blakey's children. Who was Isaac Blakey? He was my father's, father's, father. My Great Grandfather. He was a former slave from Missouri. He served in the Civil War from 1863  - 1866 on the Union side in Natchez, Mississippi.

According to oral history, Isaac had 18 children by his wife, Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY. But through research, I have discovered that Isaac was married before Rachel and had twin sons. And as I keep searching, I came across more names.

Over the years, I have been looking at Isaac's pension records, census records and so on. The names of his children were listed. I added up the names and come up with 27 names. Rachel had 18 children and Isaac's first wife, Martha (SCOTT) BLAKEY had twin sons. Isaac had 20 children. There's 7 names too many.

I compiled the list from Isaac's pension record: according to two affidavit , the census records and from other sources on his children. Here were the names listed. I have discovered that some had nicknames and some went by their middle names.

                            Below is an one hundred old list of Isaac's children. It's 2 pages

Twin sons by Martha (SCOTT) BLAKEY
They were born on June 21, 1871 in Woodville, Mississippi.

Children by Rachel Ann (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY
Date record: July 28, 1915

The * stars by the name on the left are coulf have been extra names.
Perhaps middle names or nicknames of the children
The names could have been the order of birth.


Charity BLAKEY


*Andrew BLAKEY could have been Isaac's middle name.

Jordan BLAKEY. He didn't have a middle name

Julia BLAKEY was the twin of Jordan

Frances BLAKEY

He as the first born in Missouri.

Beecher BLAKEY. He could have been Isaiah

Spencer T.  BLAKEY. He could have been Turner or Tanner.

Lillie (BLAKEY) - HAYES Her nickname was Susie.


Martha  BLAKEY
Her nickname was Mot.

*Maggie BLAKEY



Her nickname was Edner


Ollie BLAKEY. His nickname was "Deke". He was a deacon.

Lawhorn BLAKEY. His nickname was "Doc" He tended to animals. Perhaps a veterinarian.

Annie Rebecca BLAKEY

Archie T. BLAKEY
Archie middle name could have been Thomas.

This was the first known record recorded of Isaac's children on January 28, 1898. Perhaps that was why there was another affidavit in 1915. All the children's names weren't recorded. 
Note the name of Isaiah; Beecher not mentioned.
Also the children who passed on were not mentioned: Andrew, Charity, Julia, Frances. 
Plus surname spelled BLAKER.
Rachel's maiden name was spelled LEFURE or some thing like that.

Missing names on this page.
Lawhorn, David, Kate, Martha , Maggie Joe, Rosa

As I searched the census records, I began to eliminate  some of the names. I noted that there were 2 Andrews.  There were some who had different birth years. Henry was counted in the 1880 census but his birth year he went by was 1881. Isaac Jr's birth year could have been in 1873 or 1874.

I hope to discover more on this list. It's been a challenge. I hope you see some family connections.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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