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The Descendants Of Leo And Mary (Allen) LANKFORD / LANKFARD

The Descendants Of
Leo Lankford / LANKFARD

Mr. Leo Lankford Sr. / Lankfard
1884 - 1954
Leo was born on May 30, 1884 in Canton, Missouri.
He was the son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.
Leo Sr. died on September 14, 1954 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Leo married Mary Allen on April 16, 1909 in Savannah, Andrew County MO.
Miss Mary F. ALLEN

1889 - 1975
Mary was born on Dec 21, 1889 to Anna Laura (Washington) and William Robert Allen.
Mary died on November 7, 1975 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
When Mary married Leo Lankford in 1909,
her name on the marriage license was Mary Walters.
Leo's surname was spelled LAUKFORD.
Mary's mother remarried to Thornton Walters.
Perhaps Mary took the Walters surname.
Mary had a half sister, Mary (Bonita) WALTERS and
a brother half, Joseph WALTERS.
Leo and Mary had 11 children.
Anna , Robert, Leola, Mary , Lula, Sarah Belle, Leo Jr.,
Addison , Betty, Frederick and Josephine Lankford.
All their children were born in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Anna "Annie" C. LANKFORD
Mrs. Anna C. Blakley
1909 -  1974

Anna was born on Sept 27, 1909.
Anna married Isaac "Ike" Blakley.
They move to South Dakota and than later to St. Paul, Minnesota.

Isaac and Anna had two sons.
Richard "Dicky" Blakley and Robert "Bobby" Blakley Sr.

Anna passed away on Feb 4, 1974 in Minnesota.
Isaac and Anna were buried in Minnesota.

Mr. Robert Louis / Lewis Lankfard Sr.
1911 - 2000
Robert was born on July 13, 1911.
Robert married Grace Lee Smith.
In 1941, Grace died leaving a daughter
Roberta Lankford.
Robert remarried to Irene Amanda Blakey.
Robert and Irene had two children:
Robert L. Lankfard Jr and Patricia Lankfard.
Robert Sr. had a son, Donald.
Robert Sr. was married to a Jerline ?
Jerline Lankford
1922 - 1972

Robert Sr. resided in Minneapolis Minnesota.
He died on 3 July 2000.
Robert Sr. served in the military.
Robert Sr. was buried in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Mrs. Leola Farmer
1915 - 1994

Leola was born on June 25, 1915.
She lived in St. Joseph, Missouri most of her life.
Leola married William "Willie" Farmer Jr. in Omaha, Nebraska.
They returned to St. Joseph, Missouri.
Leola had two sons.
Melvin Washington
He was born in 1932 and died as an infant.
 Robert Leon Farmer Sr.

Leola died on Sept 12, 1994.
"Willie" and Leola were buried in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, MO.
Mary  Virginia "Jennie" LANKFORD
Mrs. Milton Vernon Thomas
1918 - 1990
Mary was born on Feb 11, 1918.
Mary married Milton Vernon Thomas.

Mary was the mother of two children.
Richard Thomas and Mary E. Thomas

Mary "Jennie" died on March 21, 1990.
Milton and Mary were buried in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, MO.
Lula "Lu" Marguerite LANKFORD

Mrs. David W. Blakley Sr.
1920 - 2000

Lula was born on April 21, 1920.
Lula married David W. Blakley on March 28, 1937 in Troy, Kansas.
David and Lula had 19 children.
David Jr., Donnie, Paul, L.J, Johnnie, Danny, Lula,
Eddie, Charlie, Richey, Freda, George, Bobby,
Iky, MaryRuth, Ronnie, Roger, Mike, and Susie.
Lula passed away in her sleep on April 1, 2000.
David Sr. and Lula were buried in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Sarah Belle LANKFORD
Mrs. Alie J. Johnson
1922 - 1995
Sarah was born on March 14, 1922.
Sarah married Rev Alie J. Johnson on Jan 14, 1953 in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Sarah was the mother of 9 children.
She raised most of her children on Locust Street.
Daniel "Pete", Sharon, Virginia, Marilee, Eddie Lou,
Wilbur, Betty, Christina, and Josephine.
Sarah passed away on May 9, 1995.
Rev. Alie and Sarah were buried in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Leo "Sam" Lankford Jr.
1924- 1964

Leo was born on March 6, 1924 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Leo Jr. married Lois Stewart and lived on Locust Street.
He served in the military. He was awarded the Purple Heart on June 2, 1945.

Leo Jr. and Lois had the father of 5 sons.
Gary, Leo III, Clarence, Louis and Samuel "Scott" Lankford.

Leo Jr. passed away on May 19, 1964.
Leo Jr. and Lois were buried in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri

Addison "Ad" Lankford
1926- 1979

Addison "Ad" was born on Jan 27, 1926 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
He was known as the Sheriff of Locust.
Ad married Alice ? from MN.
Later they divorced.
"Ad" had no children.

"Ad" passed away on June 16, 1979.
"Ad" Addison was buried in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Betty  Marie LANKFORD

Mrs. James WESTON Jr. 
1928 - 2012
Betty was born on Feb 7, 1928.
Betty married James "Jim" Weston.
In 1949, James died at an early age leaving Betty a widow.
Betty had no children.

Betty passed on in July 22, 2012.
She was buried in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.
  Frederick William LANKFORD

Private  Frederick "Fred" William Lankford
1930 - 1952

Frederick "Fred" was born on Feb 17, 1930.
Fred never married and had no children.
He served during the Korean War.

Fred passed away on July 19, 1952 while in the service.
Frederick's body was returned to St. Joseph, Missouri .
Fred was buried in Ashland Cemetery.
The youngest of Leo's and Mary's children
Josephine  "Josie" Louise   LANKFORD
Mrs. James WILSON

Josephine was born on Aug, 30.
Josephine married Comezelle  Z / Walker Sr. who died on May 19,1964.
Josephine later married James Wilson.
James and Josephine live in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Josephine is the mother of 6 children
. Comezelle  Z. Walker Jr., Clinton Walker and Earl Walker.
Calista Wilson, Carla Wilson and Helen Wilson.

 Photo of Leo Sr. and Mary (Allen) Lankford

In their home at 2616 Locust in St. Joseph, MO.
The Lankford Home

Mary F. Lankford with Six of  her 7 Lankford Daughters

Back row left to right
Mary, Betty , Mary (Allen) Lankford, Lula
Front row left to right
Josephine, Leola and Sarah
Daughter, Anna not in the photo.
Leo Lankford Sr. with three of his four Lankford Sons

From left to right
Father, Leo Lankford Sr., Robert Lankfard, Leo Lankford Jr. and
Addison "Ad" Lankford

Mary (Allen) Lankford, center with daughter, Anna
Anna is on right.
Mary Richardson is on the left
Anna was married to Isaac Blakley
"Ike", Mary Richardson and "Dave" Blakley were siblings.
Anna "Annie" and Lula "Lu" were sisters.

So that made Anna and Lula, sisters and sisters in law.
And Isaac and David, brothers and brothers in law.

Three Lanford Brothers
Left to right
Leo "Sam" Lankford Jr., Addison "Ad" Lankford and Frederick "Fred" Lankford
Precious Memories

As clear as a loving word or touch

of a hand so warm and clear

Are the memories of our loved ones that

we treasure and hold near.

A favorite song or picture often causes

us to recall, the many special times

that were the dearest ones of all.

And although time will heal the loss

we will never be far apart

Because God's gift of memory will always
be a treasure in our hearts.

May the special memories of all the deceased members
of the Lankford / Lankfard Family always live in our hearts.
The First Generation
Robert Louis and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard
Photo on the left Robert Louis LANKFORD / LANKFARD
Photo on the right Charlotta DADE LANKFORD / LANKFARD

(1852- 1919)
(1854- 1924)
Robert and Charlotta were the  parents of the Second Generation of Lankfords.
James Andrew LANKFORD,
Frederick "Fred" A. LANKFORD,
Louis "Add" Adward LANKFORD,
Anna Alice SMITH,
Charles Edward LANKFORD,
Still born Female LANKFORD,  
Nymadula "Nym" LANKFARD,
and an un named LANKFORD child.

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