Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How Did My Parents Meet?

Photo of my parents in my mother's mother front room in the 1960's.
Tuesday's Treasures:

The info below was taken from my notebook entry: October 19, 1980. I added and reworded of this entry. There were some things from my notes I didn't share. I choose to omit some.

One day, I was talking to my mother about how she met my father. "My mother told me the story of a guy that liked her. He liked her so much he asked my father to date my mother and put in some good words for him. This guy was serious.

This guy paid my father to go out with my mother. Yes! My father took the money and dated my mother...And the rest is history.

My parent went together for 2 years....My father made arrangements to get married....And they eloped in Kansas in 1937. My  father's step father, Chilton F. Lyle was a witness to the marriage. Rev Bell married my parents in his home in Kansas.

I recall that my mother said that she met my father in her father's house. The same house that's in the picture above. My parents' parents knew each other. They didn't live to far from each other.


I'm thankful for the parents that the Lord blessed me with.

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