Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Notes On My Parent's Parents

Entry date: November 5, 1982:  And Added (Info)

Father's side: Back in 1976, my father, (David) told me that he heard stories from old timers about his parents (John and Jennie)...that they were half Indians.

My father heard stories about his father's father, (Isaac BLAKEY) who lived in Forest Green, (MO). He knew little about his grandpa, (Isaac, who was a Civil War Veteran in MS and a former slave from MO.)

Entry date: August 5, 1977

My father told me "his mother, (Jennie) told him, (when he was young), that he was an little Indian boy."

Additional notes:
Cherokee on my father's side --- (my) Grandfather, (John)
Blackfoot on my mother's side-- (my) Grandmother (Mary)

My Grandmother, Mary and her daughter, my mother Lula.

Some Thoughts and Research

I have always be fascinated about who my ancestors were. My parents told what they heard. I've been trying to trace the Indian stories. I couldn't find any found any connections. I do have cousins on my father's side who are and have Indian ancestors.

I did searched census records, death records and what resources that were available that stated their race in their lifetime. Most stated that they were black or negro. There were some time mulatto was mention on my Grandmother, Mary's mother's family.

It's strange. Oral history states that their was Indians in our family lineage. Yet, they stated that they were black or negro.

Perhaps, there were ancestors who didn't want their descendants to know that there was some white ancestors in the family. So they said that they were American Indians. I didn't know. It's strange. I'll share my DNA results in October of 2015. 

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