Monday, September 28, 2015

Tracing The Lankford / Lankford Surname: Though Anna Alice Smith

Who was Anna Alice Smith?

She was born the daughter of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) Lankford / Lankfard.
According to the 1900 census she was born in May of 1886 in Missouri.
Anna went by her middle name Alice.

The family surname was index with the Sandford surname on the 1900 census.
On the 1910 census, Alice's  surname was spelled LANKFARD.
Mrs. Anna Alice Smith
 Miss Annie Alice LANKFARD married Christopher Columbus Smith on April 11, 1912.
Annie must have been her nickname.
The index spelling was LANKFORD.
If you read the actually document, it reads LANKFARD.

Anna Alice Smith addressed this July 22, 1924 post card to her sister in law,
Sallie who was Mrs. James LANKFARD.
Note: neither Anna or Sallie had any children.
 Another post card with the LANKFARD spelling.
This is a mystery!
This is one of 3rd postcards with the LANKFARD spelling.

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  1. Just a thought on the last name listed on postcard. "Lankford", the "a" touches the line, the "h" is barely a "k", the "o" does not touch/land on the line.. Do not know how it appears on the other "possible" references written by Anna Alice Smith.