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Tracing The Lankford / Lankfard Surname: Through Frederick

  I've been searching for info on the life of Fredrick A. Lankford / Lankfard through...
census records, city directories and any records that are available.
I'm thankful that I have some photos of him.
Mr..Frederick A. Lankford / Lankfard
 Who was Frederick A. Lankford / Lankfard?

According to U.S. WWI and WWII Draft registrations, Frederick A. LANKFARD was born  on Jan 28, 1878 in Canton, Missouri.  On one of the registrations, he signed his name Fred LANKFARD and the other Frederick LANKFARD.

This is believed to be Fred's signature.
The earliest record of Frederick, was in June of 1880. His name was recorded on the  Missouri Census. On the original record, he was listed as the two year old son of Lewis  and Charlottie LANGFORD in Canton, Missouri.

In the 1891 city directory for St. Joseph, Missouri, he was listed as Fred LANKFORD. In the 1894 - 1897, he was listed as Fred LANGFORD and Fred LANKFORD. He was a porter at Carson Drug Store at 602 Felix. 

In 1897 his surname was spelled LANKFORD. In 1898 / 1899 Frederick LANKFORD was listed as a porter at Joel E. Gates. Frederick lived with his brother James at 1824 Angelique.

On the 1900 Missouri census, he was listed as Freddie SANDFORD a porter. He was the son of R. S. and Charlottie Sandford. He was born in Jan of 1878 in MO.  Yes, the family name was misspelled.

In 1902  his name was Frederick LANKFARD. He was listed with brothers, Leo and Louis A. LANKFARD at 2411 Edmond. In 1904 his name was Frederick LANKFARD, a cook at Lewis Thompson. In 1909,  he was listed as Fred LANKFORD as a Janitor.   
On the orginal 1910 Misssouri census, he was listed Fred LANKFARD, he worked odd jobs. In the City Directory for St. Joseph, Missouri, he was listed a Fred LANKFARD, a janitor. In 1911 as Fred LANKFORD as a laborer. In 1912 Frederick LANKFORD as a laborer. In 1914 as Fred LANKFARD as a porter.

In 1915,  Fred LANKFARD was in Denver Colorado: wks 1328 California. On the U.S.  WWI Draft registration  1917- 1918, Frederick was listed in Lordsburg Grant, NM. He was listed as a cook in a saloon. Next of Kin, Lottie LANKFORD, Mother;  RESIDED at 921 20th St. Denver Colo;

In some point in his career, Frederick became apart of a musical group. I don't know when he began or how long he was apart of this group. But, he began in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Frederick LANKFARD was the leader of the  "Ideal Musical trio".
 He was a professional tango banjoist playing Colordo, New Mexico area  .  
In his time, he was well know to orchestra circles.
On the 1920 census he was listed as Frederick LANKFORD with his brother, Louis LANKFORD in New York, New York. Fred worked as an attendant at R.R. Station NY. On the 1930 census he was listed as Fred LANGFORD as an attendant at R.R. Station, NY. In 1931 he was listed as Frederic LANKFORD. 

On the 1940 census, he was listed as Frederick LANKFORD at Warwick Court Apartment. He worked at Red Cap.  In 1942 he lived at 141 W 139th St NY, NY Next of kin Louis LANKFORD 824 St Nich Ave. Frederick signed name LANKFARD.

Photo of Frederick A. LANKFARD and his wife Mollie B. WHITNEY.
They were married on Jun 25, 1942 in Kansas City, Missouri.

On the marriage record, his name was spelled: Fredrick A. LANKFARD, age 64 from NY, NY. His wife, Mollie was from Denver, Colo. Not for sure if Whitney was Mollie's maiden name. She was listed as divorced in the 1930 and 1940 census.

Fred and Molly
Note the trees and what Fred is wearing.

Fred with some children.
Similar setting with the other photo of Molly and Fred.
Last known contacts of Fredrick A. LANKFARD;
In 1942,  he lived at 141 W 139th St NY, NY Next of kin Louis Lankford 824 St Nich Ave. Frederick signed name LANKFARD.

Fred was listed as a survivor on his sister Lula Mae MADISON's obituary in Oct of 1961. Lula's brothers, Fred A. , Louis A. and Nym surname was spell LANKFARD in the obituary.

The date of Frederick's death and place is unknown. I believe that he spelled his name Frederick A. LANKFARD. He may have passed on in New York, New York.

I was starting the web for Frederick A. LANKFARD in early August. I came across an website be accident. Ironically, that website isn't there no more. Needless to say, I did search for Frederick Lankfard. And bingo! His name was listed as Frederick A. LANKFARD. His last known address was in at 601 167th St. Bronx, NY 10456.  Year unknown.

Frederick A. LANKFARD at a family gathering in NY.
It was at the home of WIlliam "BIlly" MADISON Jr.
Billy was his nephew.
I wonder, whatever happened to my Great Uncle Fred?  When did he pass on? And where was he laid to rest?  Someday, I hope that the mystery of what happened to Frederick A. "Fred" LANKFORD / LANKFARD would be solved. Frederick was the 2nd son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.
                                                                Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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