Sunday, June 7, 2015

Clues From The Past: Introduction ~ Mrs. Anna Laura Walters

I was thinking about clues from the past. I'm making a lot of discoveries on my family connections. We all wonder things about our ancestors.  It's nice if we could find out more.

  It took me awhile to come across more on my Great Grandmother Anna Laura Walter. She was the daughter of William / John WASHINGTON and Susan (LEACH) WASHINGTON.  Through the years, I have been making more discoveries on her life and her family. There was one thing about her life that I thought was wonderful to know.  Anna was a Christian.

This poem was in Anna Laura Walters' obituary booklet 1947 

While I was  going through some of my findings, I had an idea come to me. I saw some things about Anna that I could share on Family Connections.  It's interesting to see how we relate to one another and how we are connected.

I went through a booklet that someone one prepared for Anna Laura Walters' funeral. I will post some of those pages this week. I added some information that wasn't listed on some of those pages.  It will add more to Family Connections.

I'm thankful for the people who compiled the information on Anna's life. Most of all, I thank God that some how this information wasn't lost. I can't recall how I came across this booklet. I think my mother had it or it was found in my mother's mother, Mary Allen Lankford's home in 1976. Mary was Anna's daughter.

I hope that you will enjoy reading and looking at what I'll post this week. I believe that there's more info on Anna and her family. I hope someone will see some Family Connections.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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