Monday, June 1, 2015

Still Finding More Family Connections

Blessings to you.

I'm still finding more Family Connections. It's amazing.
As I'm reviewing my findings, I'm impressed with what I've discovered.
Glory be to God.

I hope you find some family connections.
I hope to make more discoveries along the journey.

Here's the list of In Remembrance: In Family History: June
I need to update some of the June info.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Here are some of my discoveries during June of 2014

Continuing to make discoveries on the South Dakota Censuses
Worked on In Family History for July


Comparing BARTLETT children on 1870 , 1880 1900 censuses

1870                     1880                  1900
Rachel's                Harriett's           Harriett's

Warren                 Elias                  Elias
John                                               Sam
Fanny                                             Jennie
Lean                                               Paul
Harriett                                           Juanita

Wondering about HENDERDS Family Connections
Two sisters : Fzelle and Florence
Florence "Flo" HENDRED married William BROWN
Zella Beatrice HENDREDS married James Adam BAILEY

Searched for Lena BARTLETT
Sallie  BARTLETT's mother's maiden 
Wondering if that was her mother Rachael SHAW?
Or if Elias BARTLETT was married 3 x's

While searching for Sallie BARTLETT info came across something.
This led my to search for Lucy BARTLETT MOSSELL
Searching more on the BARTLETT Family Connections
Reviewing and  searching info on Lucy E. BARTLETT
Note: Lucy BARTLETT's name on her niece's marriage record.
Lucy was Lucille?

Continued to search more on Lucy MOSSELL in city directors and marriage records.
Came across Lucy's brother Paul with the MOSSELL surname: 1909/1910
Paul's surname was BARTLETT.
Can't locate Paul BARTLETT on the 1920, 1930 or 1940 census.
Last recorded in the 1911 city directory as Paul MOSSELL
Came across the death date of Lucy's husband Joshua A. MOSSELL.
Listed in the city directory: Joshua MOSSELL passed on Mary 21, 1909

Searching for SHAW Family Connections
Searched for all Lucy's in Buchanan county: Found some leads
Made some connections: need more info to confirmation what was found

Found Lucy's death record:  (1869-1940)
Found Lucy's obituary in a Missouri newspaper
Confirmation that Lucy was the brother of Charles BARTLETT

Continued to search for more BARTLETT Family Connections:

Noted that siblings: Sarah, Lucy and Charles were listed as mulatto in some records.

Searching for more info on a possible LANKFORD Family Connections in Iowa

Anna and Wesley had more children

Searching online newspapers: Iowa
Spencer BLAKEY

Found memorial on Find A Grave: J. C. MARION (1875- 1959)
J.C. was the husband of Edna (BLAKEY) MARION JACKSON BENTLEY

Came across a Nov 15, 1916 wedding announcement of
Miss Edna BLAKEY and Mr. J.C. MARION.
They were married at 9:30 PM at Martha HAYES' home.

Searching online newspapers: Notes
Ollie BLAKEY was sick 
Isaac BLAKEY was prosperous farmer
Built a 5 room house
Mrs. Isaac BLAKEY was sick for several weeks
Vic REED died in August 1915
Henry BLAKEY daughter was born in 1911

Note of married recorded 1895 paper:
Spencer WHITE married Lu WASHINGTON 

Note of articles
Pat WHITE, son of Mattie WHITE Killed
Spencer WHITE, son of Andrew and Laura WHITE. Spencer was killed
Spencer WHITE was in jail. 

Changed my June 2007 family tree
to Family Connections:  June 23, 2014

Continued to search for marriages records in newspapers.
Tony WHITE and Georgie LEE  April 29, 1021

Ernest HAYES and Martha BLAKEY April 1908

Searched Iowa newspapers: African American
Posted on facebook
212 1/2 S 8th St.
St. Joseph, Missouri

Burlington, Iowa
at Lena JOHNSON's and Tugg WILSON's wedding April 15, 1914
Mrs. Lena JOHNSON WILSON : Stenographer in the Historical Building
Who was Mrs. Chars Smith?
She was related to Lena.
Believe that the reporter recorded Mrs. Chas Smith from Mrs. C.C Smith.

Had some thought about what to share on profile page on facebook.

Note: Charles BARTLETT worked for Southwestern bell

Note: 5th Year on this Website:
Family Connections

Notes: on my Calendar for June 2014
Top part left: List of Elias BARTLETT and his wives
Rachel  ?
 ?          SHAW
Harriett HOOPER

Not for sure if Rachael's maiden name was SHAW.

Middle top of calendar:
Lucy (BARTLETT) HORAN taught in Carrollton County
8 year matron at industrial school for negro girls in Tipton Missouri
Brother, Paul BARTLETT in St. Joseph, MO
Brother, Charles BARTLETT in Brookfield MO

On the notes below the days of June 26-28, 2014
Pat WHITE had a smashed face with bottle
Jailed March 1906, Feb 1906 ,
Oct, 1 1906: owed fee of $63

Heryford Furniture Co.
Pauper coffin for Pat WHITE  $6

Pat WHITE in crap game July 1906
70 days in jail


Lucy MOSSELL lived at 317 S 18th so did Harriett BARTLETT

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