Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In Remembrance Of Isaac Blakey (1845 - 1917 )

 Isaac Blakey (1845 - 1917 )
 a.ka. Private Isaac Blaker ~
MS Union Soldier ~ (1863 - 1866 ) 
 The day of Isaac Blakey's birth was unknown. The established date and year Isaac Blakey was June 30, 1847 in Fayette Missouri. According to Isaac's death record he was 72 years old. The year of his birth would have been 1845.

From Isaac Blakey's Pension Records

2015 marks the 170th year of Isaac Blakey birth in 1845. Isaac was a former slave from Missouri. He was the son of Andrew White and Julia Finney White from VA. Isaac was the only one in his family to carried the Blakey surname. His parents and siblings took the White surname.

The story has it, Isaac took the name BLAKEY surname from a billboard or a barber shop sign. Isaac was making his way down south to MS to join the Civil War on November 1, 1863. He served until May 13, 1866.

I'm not for sure were the BLAKER surname came from. Isaac stated that his name was Isaac Blakey on the pension records. That reminds a mystery.

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S.A. Blakley

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