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Clues From The Past: Part 3 ~ Mrs. Anna Laura Walters' Step Siblings

A part of Anna Walter's obituary in 1947 

Mrs. Anna Laura Walters was survived by a daughter Mrs. Mary Lankford of the city
which was St. Joseph, Missouri.

Anna's stepsister was Mrs. Ella LEWIS (1871 - 1954) of St. Joseph, Missouri.
 Mrs. Ella (BUCKNER) LEWIS  was the wife of  Mr. Wilbur Lewis. 

Anna's stepbrother was Mr. Townsend WYNNE (1862- 1956)
Mr. Townsend WYNNE of Cleveland, Ohio.
I'm not for sure if WYNNE was Townsend surname.
He was listed as Townsend BRUKINS on a record.
I can't find the source of the WYNNE Family surname.
His mother may have married a WINN. Townsend took that surname.

Townsend's 1st marriage in 1880 to Miss Mary A. WOODWARD
and their children. Surname spelled in varies ways. WYNNE, WYNN, WINN.

Mr. Harry Jackson WYNNE, b) 1880
He married Miss Viola BROWN in 1907.

Mrs. Cora A. (WYNNE) STEWART b) 1883
She married Mr.Worley Alonza STEWART in 1905.

Mr. Royal Sylvester "Roy" WYNN b)  1884
I'm not for sure may have passed in 1947 Jackson County in Missouri.
There is a Roy WINN listed on the Missouri death record.
This Roy age about 61. cira born 1886.
Not much was known about this Roy WINN.

Mrs. Anna L. (WYNNE) PEYTON (1886 - 1910)
She married Dr. Wade Hampton PEYTON Jr. in 1905.

Mrs. Callie J. (WYNN) DAVIS (1896 - 1951)
She married Mr. Watkins DAVIS in 1914

Townsend 2nd marriage in 1919 to Louise JONES.

Townsend and Ella's mother was

Mahala was married to
1st    Slave marriage ? BRUKINS ~
2nd   James BUCKNER ~ 3 Brukins children listed on marriage record in 1869.
3rd    ? WINN
4th   John / William WASHINGTON in 1890

Note: Mrs. Mahala WINN was her name when she married Wm WASHINGTON

"Mahalie: was born in Missouri in 1841.
She was the mother of 7;
Two children were living during the time the 1910 census was taken.
Her parents were from KY

 Anna's survivors continues

12 Grandchildren: Included
Leo and Mary  (Allen) Lankford's 11 children
Mary (Walters) Nelson's son

14 Great Grand children

1 son in law who was named Mr. Leo Lankford Sr.

A numbers of cousins
d a host of friends mourned her passing.

Mrs. Walters is survived by

Build a house a fence of trust
Just around today
Fill the place with loving deeds
and therein stay
Look not through the sheltering bars.

Some Thoughts
I took note that Anna had cousins. Either on her father's Washington side or her mother's Leach side.  I think it was more likely on the Washington side. There were a lot of Washington in St. Joseph.

Also, Anna didn't have any nieces or nephews.
All her Washington siblings passed on early in life.

I did search for Anna's death announcement in the newspaper.
I discovered that she passed at her daughter, Mary Lankford's home.

Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

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