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Clues From The Past : Part 4 ~ Mrs. Anna Laura Walters' Marriages, Children And Church Life

Piecing some of the puzzle together:
 Mrs. Anna Laura Walters' obituary
 A part of Mrs. Anna Laura Walters' obituary 1947
She reunited in marriage to this union 1 children was born
Also her husband and two children precede her in death

Anna united in marriage to ....

1st William / Robert ALLEN on March 6, 1889 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
They had a child, named Mary ALLEN born on December 21, 1889.
The year of William / Robert's death is unknown.
He may have passed before Mary was born or when Mary was an infant.

2nd  Thornton WALTERS.
The year of their  marriage is unknown.
Thornton and Anna had a daughter, named Mary and a son named Joseph.

Mary Walters Nelson was born about 1890. Little is known about her. She was a widow on the 1910 census. Mary had a son named John C. NELSON. Mary passed and it appeared that Anna cared for her grandson, John when he was a child. Also John was listed with her on 1920 and 1930 censuses.

I'm not for sure what Mary's surname was at the time of her passing. I assume that it was Nelson. I can't locate her death record in Missouri. I'm in the process of searching the Missouri death records for all the Marys from 1910 - 1920 in Buchanan County.

Question: Why did Anna had 2 daughters with same first names? Could Mary Walters had been Thornton's daughter and Anna raise her as her daughter. Mary Allen was born in 1889 and Mary Walters born  about 1890. Also, Mary Walters first name may have been Bonita. Not for sure.

Joseph Walters (1893 - 1926) Little is known about Joseph. He was single and was a laborer.

The year 1904  is a ?  on the paper above. Some of the info was crossed out.
Not for sure if connected with the churches.

She was formerly a member of Hale Chapel which was located at 18th and
She was affiliated with  Holsey  Chapel now New Hope St Paul C.M.E. in 1904 and was  an active in most of the aux doing all that was asked of her during her in good health.

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