Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thoughts On What My Parents Shared With Me And Others

I love searching for my family history. I try to note things of interest while I'm searching. I've been trying to write down some things about my family history over the years.

I was looking through some of the notebooks. On Father's Day 2015, I was sharing some of my Family History notes from what my parents shared with me with two of my brothers. I discovered more about my Family Connections. 

I  might share some of what my parents shared with me on this site. I've noticed that I discovered more clues on my family history through my notes and from correspondences. I wrote some things that I forgot all about. Even people shared some things with me and I forgot.

I'm thankful that I took notes and saved old letters on my family history while I was younger. I didn't realize how valuable what my parents shared or what others shared with me back then. I think, I was so interested in what they were saying. I wanted to record and saved every thing I had.

I didn't know that what  was shared with me would be more useful now. It's like things are falling into place. I can only imagine. What more will I discover on my journey through my notes? Thank God for notes taking etc...

One thing I wish, I could have done; I wished that would have taken better notes. Or even yet, asked my parents and relatives more questions. I'm thankful for my parents that God blessed me with.  And for all who contacted me through my family connections.

I hope to update some of what I recorded in my notes. Better yet,  discover more from my siblings. There are some many stories in our lives. May we learn to share and pass along to the next generation. Amen.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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